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Intheir number stood at million, which, due to high birth rates, has almost doubled sinceaccording to the Pew Research Indian muslim wife. Muslims have always been underrepresented here, but they are Inxian at a year low.

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The aife election, the results of which will be declared on Indian muslim wife 23, is unlikely Indian muslim wife stop the downward trend. Researchers of Indian politics think that Hindu majoritarianism and the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party BJPthe current ruling entity, is at least partly responsible for the decline, with important repercussions for Indian public policy.

Inddian Historians believe Islam first came to the Indian subcontinent in the 7th century. Over the next thousand years, Muslim rulers from central and west Asia would come to take over large parts of modern Indian muslim wife India, promoting Islam, leading to many converts.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the British colonised the subcontinent. In the fight for independence, Muslims would be major participants paywall.

When independence was won, the colony was divided into two states, Indian muslim wife and Pakistan. India, with a Hindu majority, but large numbers of Muslims and other religious minorities, would be a secular state.

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Pakistan, which then included what is now Bangladesh, would be an Islamic republic. The Indian muslim wife led to 15 million people moving between the countries, and over a million deaths during that migration. About 35 million Muslims remained in India after partition.

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That population was and still is mostly concentrated in northern part of the country in the Indian muslim wife river basin, which includes the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Still, nearly every part of the country has a significant Muslim minority.

The first election to the Lok Sabha happened Indian muslim wife Of muslom elected members, only 11 were Muslim, according to India Today. Over the next 30 years, those numbers would rise, peaking in The increase was mostly due to great numbers within the Indian National Congress INCIndian muslim wife party of Mahatma Gandhi, and the dominant political party of India after independence.

India's parliament votes to outlaw Muslim instant divorce - Reuters

Up to 30 of the 49 Muslim representatives in were members of the INC. Mohammed Osama, a political science PhD student at Jamia Millia Islamia who studies Indian politics, attributes the large representation of Muslims in to the fragmentation of Indian political parties in the Indian muslim wife s and early s.

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With no party dominating politics, there was more of an effort to reach out to the Muslim community, and other minority groups, to cobble together a winning constituency.

As a result, parties Indian muslim wife more likely to give Muslims a chance to be their candidate.

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Instead, the progress made by Muslim politicians was almost completely reversed in the next three decades. Research by political scientists Christophe Jaffrelot and Gilles Verniers, who have studied this matter, points to one major reason for their decline: the rise of the BJP. Indian muslim wife

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Founded inthe BJP first ran candidates in the national election, winning just two seats. But the party would grow quickly.

By Indiab, it would lead Indian muslim wife coalition government running the country, and in it won an outright majority under the leadership of current prime minister Narendra Modi. Many Hindu nationalists express the idea that Muslims can never be truly Indians because, unlike Hindus, their holy sites are not in India.

The economic ideology of the party has shifted over the years.

Unsurprisingly, the BJP has had few Muslim candidates. Jaffrelot and Verniers point out that, sincethe party has put up only wfie of them for general elections, just three of whom have won.

Nearly all of the decline in Muslim representation has come from fewer members from the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and most importantly Indian muslim wife Pradesh.

In concert, the number of Muslim members Ons meaning chat parliament from here fell from 18 all the way Ihdian to 0 inwhen Indian muslim wife BJP won 71 out of the 80 seats allotted to the state. Sincemany Muslims have expressed concerns that the BJP is further marginalizing them paywalland that the government Indian muslim wife not speak out against expressions of anti-Muslim bigotry.

Human Rights Watch finds a rising number of attacks against Invian accused of eating or killing cows—considered sacred by many Hindus.

Some Indian Muslims report fears of wearing clothing that identifies them as Muslim. As a result, it seems highly unlikely that the number of Muslims will increase significantly during Indian muslim wife election, though a less dominant showing by the BJP in Uttar Pradesh could lead to at least a few more Muslim members.

The lack of Muslims in the Lok Sabha may have serious policy consequences according to the political researcher and computer scientist Saloni Bhogale. She analyzed a set ofIndian muslim wife asked in parliament from Imdianand found that Muslim representatives were far more likely to ask questions about issues that particularly concerned the communityincluding on violence against Muslims and treatment of Muslim prisoners.

Indian muslim wife

The election is a crucial moment for Muslims in India. Skip to navigation Skip to content.