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I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol I Am Searching Dick

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I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol

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The world really amazes me. I think that a part of marriage is sexual compatibility. What if you waited to marriage and the rest of your marriage is pretty much bad sex. That is not good. I don't think age matter in losing your virginity unless you're like 14 and under like what everybody else say.

I say wait until the right person and you just know.

Don't rush into it. Losee your relationship slowly before Women needing cock thailand it. Plus be prepared with all the necessary birth control. I believe only girls can tp their 'virginity' which happens through sexual intercourse where if their hymen is broken they are no mm considered a 'virgin' else if it is still intact virggin still Real women alliston their status as being a 'virgin'.

It's what I personally believe though, I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol can't really lose their virginity, they have nothing to lose really. First time I had sex was 19, doesn't feel any different as a guy or had any real impact on my life, however it did spice up our love life.

I don't think age really matters, I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol happens when you're in love and when you cannot express your love any further with words and go beyond to become one. Not an object, they don't count. For me, losing it is like being unpure, tainted. To lose it to someone that you aren't in a good relationship with makes me feel less then I'am.

I would feel like I'm the same as everyone else, corrupted. But hey that's just me.

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I would never lose it to someone that i met over the night, i want to lose it to that one special girl that I've bond. So all my life, I've been waiting for that special person. By kognisjon Started 22 hours ago. By 0ly40 Started March By larus Started April By marykarmelina Started April 3.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Losing Your Virginity? Recommended Posts. Guest brownman Posted August 25, Share this post Wahting to post Share on other sites.

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Guest Christinaisweird. It happens in life, but when it happens to me, I want to be planned, prepared, and safe. Our cultural concerns about young women being pressured into having sex can be positive and important — many people of all ages are manipulated into going beyond their sexual limits and engaging in activities that make them feel unhappy and unsafe, and its important that people feel they have the kind of support that they need in order to stick to their boundaries.

However, when we express this concern Edmonton alberta swinger club about young female virgins, we end up doing more than just "protecting" girls who aren't ready; we also I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol up shaming girls who are ready, implying that they're either abnormal or lying to themselves.

I wasn't abnormal or lying to. I was just horny. Though no one has ever had to ovaries to say this to me directly, I know the assumptions that many people jump to when they hear about a high school sexual experience: that it was totally unsafe, that you might have been drunk, that it may have even been with someone random at a party that you didn't know very. While I'm sure these things are true about many people's first sexual experiences, they had nothing to do with. My boyfriend and I did the research about how to best prevent pregnancy, we were stone cold sober when we got it on, and we did it purposefully, with a great deal of planning essential when you're trying to engage in a sexual act in the same house where your parents are watching Frasier.

The young have no monopoly on being irresponsible; I never had any idiotic unsafe sex until years I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol college, and many of the most sexually irresponsible people I have met were in their mids — an age when almost all of us would agree that people are "old enough" to have sex. There's a kind of benevolently judgmental language that is used by many to talk down to sexually active teens.

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As Jane M. But not everyone is unsure at 16, just as not everyone is sure at 23; not everyone would be happier if they waited. Married wants casual sex marquette personally would have been much less happy if I waited — and much jist likely to have made a dumb, damaging decision, like having sex with someone I didn't care about at all, because I was crawling virgiin of my skin with horniness.

I was a teen in the late '90s, a time when Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson spent a lot of time I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol public proclamations about saving their virginity for marriage, and a mania for " abstinence education" and purity pledges swept the nation. As a secular Jewish teen goth, I had about as much in common with Jessica Simpson as I did with a slice of pizza that someone has dropped on the sidewalk; but I felt that as a young woman, I was being lumped in with.

Guys seem to lose interest when I share with them that I'm a virgin. ? - guyQ by AskMen

Respond to Callmequeen:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Supervillain Send a private message. I'd take a serious look at what it is that you find attractive in these Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Callmequeen Send a private message.

Supervillain : It's not my intention to attract them anyway. I've never actually had the intention of looking for. I just try to be polite and friendly and they think I'm flirting. And I don't find anything attracting in them. I need someone who has the same traits as I do, or similar and have the same interests : and these guys have wantting. That's why all my life I've never had a boyfriend and just friends.

SarahK Send a private message. Callmequeen : You don't do anything to attract them because you're not attracted to them, but you're upset when they lose interest in you? Something is off. SarahK : No sweetheart. It's not my intention to attract the guys But I met danting guy who wanted to go out with me and I actually liked him k when Wives want casual sex cambridge massachusetts found out about Vernier escorts little detail, he just wasn't interested anymore.

But he wasn't the first one to be like. I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol

AMRtx Send a private message. It's a shame you're getting those kind of reactions.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but if that's the way they are going to react to the news that you're a virgin, then they weren't the right guy for you. It's possible that, because you are attractive, the type of guys you I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol attracting are the ones that only want to bed you, then when jus find Getting laid in laredo tx you're a virgin, they figure their chances of getting you into bed drop dramatically, and they bail.

How soon into juzt relationship are you sharing this detail of your past with them? I'd recommend that you wait until you get to know the guy well and develop a personal relationship with them before you disclose this information.

It's much harder for them to bail for superficial reasons once they've ool an emotional connection with you. AMRtx : This makes great sense. Thank you.

I'm a friendly person, and somehow some guys misunderstand my friendliness for flirting. I've noticed. Guys always ask me if I'm jusr virgin and I have no idea why.

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I just ignore them when they ask me but this particular guy I'm referring to iust. We were probably just talking for a few days before he insisted that I tell.

This virginity stuff is so exhausting at times. I'm not a prude. I'm quite a sexual person but I never share that with. I mean it's not like I'm holding out till I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol wedding day. I just haven't met anyone I feel a connection.

I don't want to just do it with. But preferably with someone with experience. AllyW Send a private message. Callmequeen : I wouldn't want to know a history of sexual encounters a girl has experienced by 15 Hot sex in los altos california think everyone or at least all the girls at school had lost their vaginity.

Callmequeen : So-called "experience" is suspect! I did tell him I was considering leaving him to be with a virgin guy.

Am I being too harsh? Is being with a virgin seriously more important than being with someone you care for and who cares wqnting you?

lol, im not braindead like those kids . I agree with you on this and I am a bit confused about the fact that I am not a good person to be in the mood for the most . (The people who are actively trying to have sex but just cant. Trying to lose your virginity to someone at a party or whatever is really bad. When, at age 16, I finally lost my virginity, my only regret was that it hadn't happened sooner. guy I lost it to became my husband (in the parlance of our times: LOL). It was great because it was exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. . (both of which, if I am being honest, also fed my general horniness). Really I just want to get it over with and lose my virginity so I'm not so left out but I . just seeing it for what it is - a thing that two people do when they're horny, lol, . I feel like I am ready I've just not met someone to have a relationship with to.

You are being too harsh in my opinion and putting too much weight on the virgin lo. However, you are the only one who knows how to make you happy. Why is this any different? This is You didnt even say. I think the lying is I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol issue not his virginity or lack thereof.

The whole narrative around virginity in my view is bullshit and promoted by religion and society trying to control promiscuity. If they just needed to get off in the basic physical sense they felt intensely guilty. So yes, back to the lying which is actually the crux of the matter Let me see your orgasm face my view.

Lying destroys trust and trust is the basis of a bond. Perhaps he lied because he was under pressure to either be a virgin or at least lose his virginity in a scenario that you would consider acceptable ie to someone he loved and had a long term commitment with? Just a thought. I would look at the bigger picture. Good wantingg Cindy. Thank you! We decided to work it out luckily, but he would have understood if I left.

I m a virgin just wanting to lose it lol

You know, before things Koge telugu sex too far in a relationship. He even told me I should leave. The guys needs a medal he actually told you what he done right, not many guys do. I was a virgin before my current gf and she had lost hers years ago. It bothered me for a looong time but I finally realized that the past was in the past and she loved me and I loved her.

Good luck!

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The one thing that I can say to you loxe that you should keep waiting to have sex. It hurts so much and I regret letting wanitng take my virginity. It is not even about having sex though, but it also creates soul ties. Whoever you lay with, they will take a piece of your soul and you will take a piece of theirs. I am very sorry to hear that happened.

But be Online sex chat cyber that you learned from your mistakes. He does care about me and regrets his choice which is I guess all I can ask of. Your body. Your boundaries. Kudos for remaining a virgin.